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American Expats in Bangkok, Thailand (Panama City)

19 April Protected content . Hi, All....Interested in email-connecting with American expats in Thailand...especially in Bangkok. About 29 Oct Protected content , would like to fly to Bangkok for 30-day visit from LAX. Am senior lady now temporarily residing in Chitre, Panama until temporarily return California 27 June Protected content . Have Panama Pensionado Indefinite Residency Visa. To date, very difficult find round trip affordable flight to Bangkok from LAX. Anyone recommend such flights & how best contact whomever?
Am retired TEFL (teach English as foreign language) teacher, worldwide traveler since Protected content , have no permanent home...traveling world visiting family, friends & exploring countries & cultures & enjoying meeting new people. Greatly appreciate affordable flight recommendations & any helpful info for my first but, hopefully, not last, Thailand visit.

Thank you...elin

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