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Book and Radio Show Interviews (Panama City)

Hello to everyone!!

My name is Gisselle Hassan, Im originally from Panama but I live in Florida and travel back and forth!
Me and my partner who is an expert in Digital Marketing we are writting a book mostly for women from US and Canada that are looking to move to Panama maybe because they retired or they want to have their own business or want to make a positive change in their lives!!

Currently we are looking for US or Canadian women who live in Panama and they opened some sort of business like Yoga centers, restaurants, any type of business because we want to interview them in our RADIO show not only to support other women but we will promote their businesses.

If you know anyone that might be interest in collaborating with us and that fullfills the description mentioned above can you send me their email or maybe give them my email and I would be glad to contact them and explain more in detail!!
email: Protected content

Thanks in advance for your support in this important proyect


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