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Condos in Downtown Panamá City. (Panama City)


Can anyone please describe what the residential buildings in Panamá have? My wife and I are looking to move to Panamá and are hoping to live in the city. We have a daughter, and more children likely to come. As an American who's accustomed to suburban life I want to know if it is feasible to find 3 Bedroom condos (Master, boy's room, girls room). I see some of the listings have a "Maid's Quarters". What sort of rooms are these? Are they included in the 3/3 listing (so the apartment is effectively a 2/2/ with a separate full bed/bath combined)? Or are these Maid's quarter's separate? Is it feasible to raise a family downtown (more than two kids), or is it too expensive, and space limited?

Also, many of the buildings list a "gym." What sort of gyms are these? Are they two treadmills and a yoga mat in a 10*10? Or do they have a free weight-rack up to 45 lbs, two benches, a combination weight machine, an elliptical, a stair-stepper, and a treadmill? I find in these condominium buildings it is either one or the other.

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