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Cut-rate Mobile Internet Service (Panama City)

Hi, fellow Expats, here is a super deal you cannot afford to pass :

Get yourself a Mobile Internet Service that prices normally 85 dollars here in Panama ( the whole country) for only ( get this !) :
Thirty-Nine dollars ( yes , that`s right) , only $39.00

Valid from November 21 to December 20 inclusive
Hurry up !

What you get (only from me and only one unit ) :
Claro Huawei Modem Stick and the sim chip
2 Claro prepaid cards good until december 20

Fishy ? Not at all ; I am just selling the Claro package because
of software conflict with my Norton Anti-Virus .

Call or e-mail me for more information or for straight purchase !
Hurry up, time is flying !

Yes, pay only $39 for an $84 value.

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