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English Speaking Contact at Banistmo? (Panama City)

Hi All,

This is my first post, so please excuse any foibles.

On my final immigration visit to Panama in early May, I was finally able to secure a bank account at Banistmo. Due to the recent Panama Papers fiasco, I was told getting a bank account has been very difficult. Nonetheless, after 8 trips to 3 different banks, I was able to open an account.

I provided all of the required documentation, they opened the account, I paid my minimum deposit and they told me to come back when I returned to Panama Protected content later) to pick up my debit card.

Fast forward to last Monday, I head straight from the airport to the branch and pick up my bank card. So far, so good. I get home, sign up for online banking and voila. A bank account with the deposit I made, minus annual service fees.

Now today, I went into a local branch to ask about getting a soft token (for online wire transfers) and they tell me my account has been disabled (in Spanish). They couldn't explain why and told me I have to go visit the person who initially set up the account. Now this person also did not speak English, so I had to have a translator translate for me. That translator is no longer available to me.

So to my question, does anyone have a trusted contact at Banistmo who speaks English (or even a little, because I realize I am in a Spanish speaking country, so I am willing to try) and may be willing to help me figure out what is going on?


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