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Giving Back! (Panama City)

Given my experience in the past, as an expatriate in about 6 countries, I believe in the ethical importance of giving back and contribuiting to the country where I am based, be it for work, for studies or for any other reason.

For over a year, I have been talking to fellow InterNations members about the importance of creating a Group on InterNations to focus on helping several social causes in Panama. But, as they say, if you want something, Just do it!

I truly believe InterNations members have way more to offer than just partying , dancing and drinking (which is very fun, but certainly not enough).

So, I am asking here, who would be interested on joining a Social Work Group within InterNations Panama. We would study which causes to help and what activities to organize.

I am sure InterNations has a lot to share with our beautiful Panama!

Please text me if interested on these kind of activities, more meaningful to society.

Have a great weekend!


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