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Help for Haiti (Panama City)

A friend of mine has lost friends and family members in this mess.

She sent me this and i am passing it along to you for your help.

We are very lucky the earth quakes that hit in July were not in the city or this
could have been us.

Haiti is so close to wealth in money and tourism geographically but has been
"dying" for the past 25 years because of a bad reputation for violence and
injustice. Now Mother Nature has devastated what was left of it.
We need your help desperately...........This isnt about adopting cute kids by
celebrities. This isnt about a progressive nation with a little set back. This
is about an ENTIRE country that on its BEST days can't feed its own people for
lack of resources...........where refrigeration, 24 hour electricity, education,
pizza and ice cream (which we all take for granted) are considered luxury items.

Here is a list of places where you can donate, i used paypal and i chose doctors
without borders.
Please help.

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