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International Schools in Panama (Panama City)

Dear friends,

I have spent a week in Panama City just looking at schools, and only international schools. By international schools I mean schools that have an international calendar, this is, school year starts in August.

I will try to put a summary of what I have found on the City Guide, but while I figure how to do it, and find the time to do it, here is a list of what I found and if anybody needs additional information don't hesitate to ask.

List of international schools with education in English and international calendar:

- International School of Panama.
- Balboa Academy
- The Metropolitan School of Panama
- Crossroads Christian Academy
- Colegio Saint Mary
- Instituto Cultural - International school.
- Colegio Anglo - Mexicano

I was also informed that the French School runs on an international calendar.

Good luck to all of you looking for a school for your kids.

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