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Low Cost Medical Insurance (or Single Hospital) (Panama City)

I'm likely about to become a Panamanian resident.

I'm young, have no health issues, and travel a lot, and have full travel insurance that covers me abroad. It will cover me as a Panamanian resident as well.

What I need is coverage at a single good hospital in Panama City, in case of a serious incident. My travel insurance can repatriate me to my country of residence (Panama) if it thinks that is cheaper than paying for my ongoing care if I get into trouble elsewhere.

So, I need a cheap policy at a good hospital in Panama City that will cover me for everything. That has solid doctors that know what they're doing if it comes to serious trauma or something like cancer. I have no pre-existing conditions. I expect to never use it. I don't mind a $500-$ Protected content at all.

It's really hard to find information about this. What's the general ballpark for something like this at a single hospital? I've seen figures ranging from $18/month to hundreds.

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