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Movies opening today!! (Panama City)

Three new movies caught my eye that are doing their debut at the Panama movie theaters:

a. Los ojos de Julia. This is a spanish movie. Spanish cinema es very good, for thouse who can understand spanish. Spanish movies usually relly on dialogue, musical arrangements and camera play. A must see.

b. Sucker Punch: for those of you who are big scifi fans, this movie promises to give you everything that a fantasy world has to offer and more. Given, it's not Avatar, but I'll take anything SciFi that Hollywood throws my way.

c. Burlesque: this is a movie for those of us who like musicals. I'm not a big fan or singers who go into movies and least of all the old plot line of the small town girl who moves to the big city trying to find stardom and in the way finds love (Coyote Ugly comes to mind) but I'll go see it anyways.

Who's up for a movie??? Hope you have fun and lots of popcorn!!


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