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Moving to Panama (Panama City)

Just joned the Community and looking around the site, I am moving to Panama in June or July with my Panamanian Wife so her family will help us out looking for a place to stay Ect.
Whatthey can't really help with is places I can where English is spoken and what is what work oportunities there are thr for English speaking people there.
I have been a self employed Press and Pr Phoographer for more than 20 years and habe a FETAC level 6 degree in usiness Admin. and Managment.
When there on holiday with my wife I found the Yacht Clubs in Panama City and Colon good places to go. I do not speak Spanish but tyring to learn .
Can you advise me on jobs or business oppotunities that might suit my skills..
Looking forward to being active in the community when I get there.

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