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Moving to Panama Questions!!! (Panama City)

Hey all!

My boyfriend and I are considering moving to Panama for a year just for the heck of it! We want to get out of the US for awhile.
I have done extensive research on living there and have found a good deal of information; however I feel that personal experiences count more than random websites. Therefore I was wondering if anyone could possibly give me some of their own viewpoints on the pros and cons of living in Panama?

We were looking at possibly checking out Boca Del Toro as well as a possible place to reside since my boyfriend is a huge surfer... anyone ever been there?

I've found through my research that it is extremely difficult to get a job as well...what would you suggest we should do/what's the easiest way to get job?

Also, what would you say the average cost of living would be right now for either a 1 or 2 bedroom FURNISHED apartment in either Boca Del Toro or some other beach town in Panama?
Your answers would be MUCH appreciated!!!!



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