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New law for road accidents (Panama City)

The law attempts to reduce headaches and traffic jams.

A new traffic law has been passed which requires drivers to carry a form for self-reporting minor car accidents. The traffic police (Transito) will no longer fill out minor accident reports, unless someone has been injured in the accident. Although the new law was announced, it will not take effect until the population has been duly informed. It is still advisable to have the form in your car.

The new law also requires individual drivers to take pictures of the accident scene and then move the vehicles involved in the accident aside as soon as possible. Individuals who fail to comply will be fined $50 for obstructing traffic. The law also requires the vehicles to be insured. Failure to present a copy of car insurance policy will result in a $50 fine and the vehicle in question will be retained by the police. Individuals without car insurance will be fined $100.

The tricky part is that when filling out the form, the parties involved must indicate the party responsible for the accident. If no agreement is reached, then police should be called to the accident to fill this part of the form, judging from the pictures taken at accident site. The completed form must be sent to insurance company to file a claim. Individuals involved in an accident will have then eight days to request a police report or to withdraw the claim.

The official form will be available here: Protected content .

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