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Panama City neighbourhoods


We are thinking about traveling to Panama City for one see if we like it...perhaps with a view to returning for a much longer stay if we do.
But BEFORE we make that decision, we would like to get a better sense of the city to help us decide if this is the kind of place that would interest us. In particular, we would like to get a much better sense of the CHARACTER of various neighborhoods - not because we are looking for suggestions of where to rent - but because we want to get a better feel for the distinctive communities and the local culture. So far, apart from superficialities, we haven't found any travel guidebooks that tell us very much about the CHARACTER of the different Panama City neighbourhoods and areas. We would greatly appreciate if people could fill in the gaps in the guidebooks by telling us things like "Neighbourhood X is a bohemian/artistic enclave full of funky boutiques and art galleries" or "Neighbourhood Y is an old-money rich neighbourhood with beautiful turn-of-the century colonial mansions", etc. This kind of info!

Thanks so very, very much!

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