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Panama on British / Aussie Passport - Q&A (Panama City)

So I am an Australian with both Aussie / British passports. Currently living in Finland & soon relocating to the sun - I spent a few months in Panama about 5 years ago & loved it. Last year I lived in Vietnam & setup a company that is starting to see its successes & allows me to live anywhere in the world - perfect right!? Well, all ideas have there ups & downs.

Nevertheless I am considering Panama as my next 10 year destination & I found Internations quite helpful in Vietnam hence I thought I'd throw some questions out in here.

- how easy is it for me to relocate to Panama & which passport will bring me more benefit?

- I will be relocating with a dog so any feedback from folk experienced in this area would be highly appreciated... I know I can come & just leave every 3 months to get an updated visa but in the longer-term this is no good for me.

- I think I'll move my company "corporation & banking" to Panama. I buy in Vietnam & sell in Canada / USA so any input here would be great. I've done a great deal of research here but any input from expats with "experience" would be excellent. Do's & Don'ts, any tax problems, any contacts that you trust, banks that you suggest, things to avoid etc...

- I would come by sea from Europe. France to Martinique by boat with my Dog & then find a way for us to get to Panama from Martinique. Anybody experienced in this area? I've listed myself on a few sailing / crew forums but again, input from here highly appreciated... Getting to Martinique is easy. Onwards haven't found a way yet. The main reason for this is my dog. She's young an healthy but French Bulldog & there are so many restrictions on snub nosed dogs flying these days, I decided to go by sea - bigger adventure anyway.

- How is Casco Viejo now? I was there 5 years ago - awesome & at the time was going to start a little bar... Wondering how much its developed as it was a little under developed then and getting a consistent customer base was going to be difficult...

- Any folk living around Bocas as that is where we are thinking about moving too. Love it there so any folk living there, I'd love to hear from you...

- Does anybody have experience with chartering sailing boats (martinique to panama) &/or chartering small light aircraft?

Thats it for now. Look forward to hearing from you all & hopefully meeting some of you soon.



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