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Possible move to Panama (Panama City)

We came to have a look at Panama a couple of months ago and loved it. We are going to look at Uruguay in a few months time as well, but think the weather might be off putting. My partner can get in on a pension visa as he has a pension in payment, but I do not and we are not married so I understand I wont be able to get in as his dependent. What I would like to know is if it would be possible for me to simply leave the country every 3 months and return on a tourist visa and whether there are any restrictions on this. Would it be possible for me to do this for a number of years until I qualify for my pension? We are British but currently leave in North Cyprus so getting our police report signed off by a consulate will also be a problem as there is no consul of any country here, except UK, and our nearest Panamian one is in the South, but they will not recognise anything from the North. Hopefully, we could go to Turkey to get it done and this would be ok? Would welcome people's knowledge on this. Many thanks.

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