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Recommendable General Praticioner (own laboratory) (Panama City)

Have been looking through the "Health Section" of the Internations Panama City Guide, but can´t figure out whether or whether not those recommended doctors have direct access to their own/shared laboratory. (I simply need a general practitioner with focus on internal medicine) -preferably around Multiplaza/Punta Pacifica/Obarrio

I heard it´s common that a G.practitioner won´t do testings himself but rather sends you off to a laboratory and you gotta come back after with the results. Is that true?

I wanna skip this whole hassle and just go straight to one who does it all. I bascially just need the piece of paper with all the values as I can evaluate them myself. I know exactly what kind of tests and blood values I need, but it has to be exact and I need to be able to trust the results :-) Gotta do this every couple of months.

Happy to receive some good recommendations

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