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Rich north Americans? (Panama City)

I just joined the forum because I'm relocating to Panama in a matter of days. Though I'm coming from the States, my main language is English, I have family ties to Panama. My next venture to Panama will be permanent, and I'm a dual national. Now let me explain the title. An issue I've had to deal with every now and then, is that I get bothered now and then by somebody wanting a donation. It's like they literally think I can go buy a Mercedes on a whim, just because I'm related to white people from the states. Luckily I don't get this from anybody in my family tree down there. They are proudly self sufficient. It's random strangers I've had to deal with. Once coming out of El Rey ages ago, I had a little but of change. I gave it to the charity right outside that provides school supplies for poor kids. Suddenly this older guy comes out of no where telling me he needs help, his wife is sick in the hospital telling me his sad story. Every now and then some "friend of the family" would try to ask my for $20 to get alcohol. They get mad when I refuse. As for people in my own family there, I don't mind helping out now and then. But it's like I have to be rude just to keep the other "charity cases" at away from me.

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