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RIP Stig Pederson (Panama City)

I thought I would copy and paste a facebook post that was on Bocas Crime Talk by Stig's good friend Gary: American xpat dies from injuries received in home invasion attack.
Stig Pederson passed away July 12th four weeks after six armed intruders invaded his home in the Tierra Oscura region of Bocas Del Toro. Stig was beaten unconscious, thrown into his own boat and along with his wife Maribel, kidnapped by the six men. Maribel was able to jump out of the boat and escape in the darkness and summon help. A police boat was in the neighborhood and was quickly on the search. Stig's boat was found with Stig unconscious in the bottom, crashed in the small river that leads up to the highway between Almirante and David. Stig was taken to the hospital in Almirante then transferred to the one in Changuinola, then to the public hospital in David and finely to the Hospital Chiriquí also in David. He underwent surgery to remove blood clots in the brain and seemed to be making a recovery but passed away on Saturday four weeks after the attack. It is really hard to get good information about the attackers, I have heard that all six have been identified, that all are in custody, that four are in custody, that Stig and the boat had been doused with gasoline, that there is a warrant out for a neighbor who instigated the attack, rumors abound. If anyone reading this can let people know that may be in a position to push the investigation forward please do so.

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