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Shout out to Marcela and Joanna (Panama City)


I just wanted to send a shout out to Panama City Ambassadors Marcella and Joanna for putting on one of the absolute BEST Internations monthly events I've ever been to! The location was lovely, the turnout was fantastic, and the atmosphere was perfect for meeting and talking to people. I don't even remember if there was music playing, but I DO remember that it was very easy to talk with people, which is such a treat. I loved that it had the indoor outdoor quality (I'm even going to give you credit for the perfect weather), I loved that the free drink of choice was wine, And I loved that I was able to meet many new top-of-the-line people last night. I feel blessed to be a part of Internations.

So congratulations to you both and thanks for putting on this wonderful event. It made my life just a little bit better.

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