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Survival based martial arts (Panama City)

Greetings all,

I have opened a training center in Centennial Plaza focusing on self defense and street survival skills. I am about to be a former Boston Police officer as I am pending retirement after being shot in Protected content . I have 38 years experience in training and teaching martial arts, combined with 13 active years as a police officer, and 8 years of military training. "Progressive Defense Systems" is the name of the school, and the methods have been street tested and approved at my expense. Non-competitive, realistic self defense. I am the founder of Progressive Defense Systems as well as Skeletal Arts and Copkido.

If you are interested in the Copkido program, it was developed for liability reduction for uniformed employees as a means of acceptable self defense, which does not involve the use of strikes. Urraca Security, Royal Casino and soon the Senafront will be trained in its methods. Seminar based training only.

If you have an interest in martial arts, or seek to possibly improve or add methods to your current style, please consider stopping by or contacting me for an interview or free class.

Prices are 100.00 a month for potentially 20 classes. We are open only between 6-7:30 pm, Monday - Friday. Students, retirees, police and group sign ups receive a 25% discount.

The school is located in Centennial Plaza, Altos de Panama, local # 23, by Papa Johns on the second floor, just under the Centennial Plaza sign.

I am on Whatsapp - Protected content
Shawn Marando on LinkedIn
Progressive Defense Systems on Youtube & Facebook

The school will be closed next week while I am in Boston. It will re-open on 9 March at 6 pm.

Thank you.

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