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Upcoming days off...yeah, a couple more (Panama City)


November 28th falls on a Sunday. This day Panama celebrates it's independence from Spain. Because it's on a Sunday, it's going to get moved to Monday, so we are looking at another long weekend. So start making your plans.

December 8th. This is mother's day here in Panama. Panama is the only country in the world that maintains the catholic tradition of celebrating Mother's Day, on the day that the church celebrates the Day of the Virgin Mary and the Day of the Immaculate Conception. Try not to go to Malls and I would stay away from Albrook Mall ;-).

December 24th, most offices work until only Noon, so that everybody can go the hair salon and start working on the turkey. Heavy and caotic traffic.
December 25th: holliday.

December 31st, the same as December 24th applies.

So don't leave any banking issues pending on these dates. Some offices might even close from december 24th up until January 2nd.

Government issues and transactions will be slower.

Hope this info helps!


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