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What concurrence me the most (Panama City)

hello everyone.
I am a single mom with a 8 year old daughter.
At the moment we live in New York and with the rent and private
school and all the rest, its really hard to have anything but a very stressful life.
I work online so I can move without a problem as long as I have an internet connection.
I have been looking to Move to Panama because I like the Idea of a more laid back life,with help and all that,but what concurrence me the most is the medical aspect,the inefficiency of it all, and the fact that its all out dated and backwards.
In the past I had 2 major emergency situations and I know how informant it is to have quick and relatable medical care.
Im thinking of living in the Panama city,and I wanted to ask if there is a privet hospital that will feel more like the US,or in general more relatable?
Thank you
and have a great day :)

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