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Willing to relocate in Panama, informations needed (Panama City)

Hi Internations Panama!!

My name is Geraldine, I'm a 29 years old Belgian girl, working at the moment as RH Consultant in Luxembourg. We are part from Internations Luxembourg.
My husband and I are planning to leave Europe for Panama but we haven't a clue how is life there? My husband is Venezuelan (and Belgian), we have been living in Venezuela before moving in Belgium and now Luxembourg but the sun is missing too much, here life is so stressfull that we are planning to go back to South America and Panama seems to be a good option.
Now we would like to know, what are the possiblites for a young couple to build up a small business or to find a good job. How does it work with the work permit, etc..We've been through it here in Belgium and I know it's quite boring, but I believe not impossible! What are the good tips to meet people, how is life there??
It's a lot of question but with some replies we'll be more than happy!
We are both perfectly fluent in French-UK-Spanish and I also speak some Portuguese and Dutch.
We'll be waiting for your replies. Take care and have a Happy New Year!!
Géraldine and Roberto

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