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Worst Time of Year; Plastic Surgery (Panama City)


I am new to InterNations. I am contemplating relocating to Panama. Of course, I first am going to come down for a few weeks to check things out.

My initial inclination is a move to Coronado because it has things of interest to me; e.g., golf, casinos, ocean/beach, and amenities/infrastructure. I want to visit the area when the weather is at its absolute worst so that I can have a idea of what is in store for me when it is bad.

Also, the good news is that I have gotten rid of Protected content on a medically supervised diet. The bad news is that my stomach and butt looks like a Shar Pei; i.e., I have a lot of excess skin that, because of my age Protected content , has lost elasticity such that it will not be able to be tightened up without surgery.

Plastic surgery is not covered by my insurance and was thinking about having the work done in Panama. Does anyone have suggestions as to physicians/facilities?

Thanks in advance for any help and suggestions.

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