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Advices for rental in Paris 4

22 is a free place to exchange information on housing rental.
However, u must know that in France, people are really precausious, especially, French landlords.
Then, u have to get a check list of documents to get as a hard/software file, photocopies at least x2 and scan on usb key of :

- ID,
- bank account,
- lastest 3-month work pay,
- work contract,
- employee proof if so,
- physical or moral person "caution", ie someone's able to garantee the rent,
- proof of no bank accident,
- proof of no rental accident/delay,
- lastest 3-month rental documents,
- electricity and/or gas and/or phone lastest 3-month bills,
- ideally recommandation letter from ur former landlord,

Eventally, dress nice and look cool but busy, it helps landlords to think they have someone dynamic in front of them, then secure for their rental ;)

Cheers, feel free to pop in if any further question

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