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Advise for Finding Apartment in Paris

Hi all.
I thought since it is very difficult to find a place in Paris, I would quickly share how I found mine.
At first I was using contacting landlords who posted an ad but being a foreigner in Paris without a guarantor in France, there were many French people with a better "file" than me.
So I would advise anyone struggling to pay the e29 to put up your own ad explaining your situation, wants and budget. It still took about a week but then eventually I had 2 calls with good apartments to offer saying that they didn't mind my situation as long as I could pay the rent and was a good tenant etc etc. They also said they didn't want 40 people visiting their place so they looked through the ads people put up.
Maybe I just got lucky but I just wanted to share my experience as I know how tough and depressing it can be trying to find an apartment in Paris.

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