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Advise on Schooling (Paris)

Hello everyone! My name is Sonia and I moved to Nogent-sur-Seine one month ago from Southern California with my husband who is a French citizen and our 3 children. My 10 year old is in 5th grade and my 8 year old in 3rd. I'm extremely frustrated with the French school system, probably mainly because it seems so different in comparison to the US. Before we came I was told that the children would have a teacher who worked with them in both French and English to go teach them the language as well as keep them current with their grades curriculum at least a couple days a week. That isn't the case. After one month, and certainly because we arrived so late in the school year, I'm now being told that my son is being recommended to repeat the 5th grade. He has ADHD (which also doesn't seem to be a recognized medical diagnosis here) and I'm beginning to wonder if he isn't better off in an international school.... or allowing him to repeat the 5th grade and give him more time to learn the language before he moves to middle school. The thought of making him repeat a grade because he doesn't know French but is intelligent seems horrifying to me. But at the same time I don't want to make a stupid decision because I'm prideful, lol!! It seems to be common here to just allow children to repeat grades rather than offering extra help or allowing parents to help with the education. Maybe I'm wrong but it seems as though teachers deem parents incapable of it....

Anyway any input, advise or feedback would be greatly appreciated. We are in a small town and moving to a bigger city isn't likely for at least another year.

Thanks so much for listening and I look forward to any comments.

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