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Alexander Technique: Fall Workshops (Paris)


Workshops are in English and suitable for all levels. Limited to 8 participants. Registration is required.

Location: Red Earth Centre Protected content Lafayette, Paris Protected content Jaures, Louis Blanc, bus 26
Code will be given upon registration.

Cost: € 40 for one workshop, € 70 for both.

For more information, please contact me via:
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Or register directly through:
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Actor, Receptor, Witness
Saturday October 8, Protected content

You have the capacity to do, to feel, and to analyze. When these three capacities are in alignment, you experience a sense of flow and connection. When they are not, you over-do, over-think, or over-feel. This heart-head-body split can result in paralysis, indecision, or actions that don’t achieve the results you seek.

In this workshop, we’ll use a series of simple exercises and games to understand about the Actor, Receptor, and Witness. You’ll become aware of which capacity is your default mode and how your habit influences your choices. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to call upon all of your capacities to create balance and harmony in your life.

The Energized Self
Saturday December 10, Protected content

Energy is hard to define, but we perceive it all around us. When we enter a room, we sense intuitively whether it has “good” or “bad" energy. When we meet someone for the first time, we respond as much to the energy in their voice or in their handshake as we do to the words they say.

In this workshop we’ll pay particular attention to the energy of direction, opposition, contact and movement. Through a series of simple exercises, you’ll learn how to sense, gather, and use energy for moving, speaking, performing, or simply centering yourself and enhancing your health and your daily life.

Paris Forum