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Are all big French companies full of politics? (Paris)

Hi, I am a project manager who has worked for 15 years in Ireland and the UK (for a big consultancy and US IT multinationals). I moved to Paris 3 years ago and work for a small IT consultancy. I will want to change job some day and wonder if anyone can advise on which French companies are good to work for. Since I have worked in France, I have had clients based in Switzerland, Germany and France. The Swiss and German clients are the same as the clients / companies I worked with in Ireland and the UK - varying degrees of office-politics, but generally oriented towards successfully completing projects quickly and well and in a nice atmosphere. By contrast, the French clients have been hard to work with, painfully slow to make decisions, full of office politics (seemingly to the exclusion of almost everything else) and combative, unhappy workplaces. Have I just been unlucky or are all big French companies like this? I do not mean to sound negative. I live in Paris and intend to stay here. When I move on from my current job, I want to go to a good company. Any advise is appreciated. Thanks

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