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Australian Conartist in France Goran Markovic (Paris)

I was the victim of a very nasty and cruel scam in Europe last year by an Australian man Goran Markovic and his English partner Nicola Penny. They stole over $120,000 from my family and I for their own personal use and to fund 3 expensive holidays in Europe. Goran Markovic pretended to be an Interpol Investigator, Colonel and pilot in the Australian Air Force and ASIO agent. I was threatened, abused and lived in fear for 7 months of this scam. He left me many times on the street to live and starve; I sold many of my belongings to get money for food. He also does another scam in which he lies saying he has lost his passport etc and then asks to borrow money. He will then organize to repay this money by transferring money from Australia but it will never arrive. He also arranges fake airline tickets and visas which people pay for. I can prove everything said in this post. Please contact kelly @ Protected content if you have information or have been a victim. Kelly

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