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I had to travel from Paris to Fuerteventura on July the 1st via Barcelona and my flight was cancelled at the last minute because of a company’s negligence! I wonder if that flight really existed! I am afraid I bought a phantom flight! I had to wait then 5 hours in the line to get to the Vueling counter at Orly airport, to resolve the problem! The quantity of people making the queue was enormous (at least Protected content lots of us didn’t sleep that night because of the early flights. Mine was at 7:00 am. It was like a nightmare as I was exhausted! Finally, once arrived to the counter, the Vueling employee found me a flight on July the 2nd so I lost one hotel night at Fuerteventura plus the transfer expenses because of Vueling's negligence, inefficient management and lack of respect to customers. Really a shame! Its customer service is very inhuman and poor! They cannot treat people like that! I felt treated like rubbish! Never in my life I will travel again by Vueling

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