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Becoming a Freelance Translator in France (Paris)

Hi everybody!

I'd be happy to get in touch with some freelancers (if possible translators) willing to share their experiences and guide me on the first steps to start doing translations on my own; so I can spend time sending my resume to agencies and build some remunerated experience on my field of studies.

I have talked to several social workers but they are never sure about how to proceed as it is a bit specific. This is what I figured out so far. Ready?

1- The registration has to be made in the URSSAF website.

The end!

Fortunately, I do have a job in France, the "assurance maladie" and the "mutuelle du travail" too. Do I need that "protection sociale obligatoire" that the website talks about? What do I need and what do I don't need of all the general information? What if, apart from translation, I do some voice off aswell: does it change something?

I may or may not (definitely may) have more questions, but I think it is enough for one post.

Thank you in advance my friends.


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