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Bridge Media Network Conference/Network Event (Paris)


(La conférence sera donnés en anglais avec une traduction simultanée en français.)

Tuesday, 11 November Protected content to 18h00

Conference begins promptly at 15h15
Networking continues afterwards until 18h00

Speaker - Jeffery Brooks

Owner - Redrock Entertainment Development

(Management company for actors, writers, producers, directors and musicians. Production company for feature films, television and live events.) Protected content

“Life Through Art Foundation” - Protected content

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159 rue de Crimée Protected content de la Seine) Paris 19th
métro Crimée

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Jeffery Brooks has worked in the entertainment industry for over thirty years. He began his career as a child actor, touring in equity shows. As an adult, he appeared on several top-rated television shows and feature films before turning to coaching. Jeffery has worked as both a private and studio coach for actors of all ages and levels, including a stint of seven years on NBC's Friends as a dialogue coach.

His primary focus with students is audition technique. Jeffery works with actors to blend the business of the industry with the creativity of acting.

In addition to helping actors learn how to book jobs, Jeffery also coaches actors on character development with current roles. Rather than concentrating on one technique, Jeffery teaches students to utilize all disciplines and tools at their disposal to become the actors they want to be.

He has put acting clients on television shows such as Friends, Monk, ER, CSI, CSI NY, CSI Miami, SVU, Heroes and many more prime time television shows and feature films.

Most recently, Jeffery's talent management company has shifted into production and just wrapped several high-profile shorts. Jeffery is currently in pre-production and casting for a kids television show called "The Junction." He is also working on a Kids Soccer feature film named "Global Fusion" and Teen Thriller "Burn." Jeffery's love and dedication to the arts have also led to the creation of the Life Through Art Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to funding educational opportunities in the arts for young students who otherwise would not be able to finance such endeavors.

Please visit Protected content for more information on Jeffery's charity.


Jeffery Brooks has taught me how to diagnose sides within minutes. I go into each audition with confidence and a lot more than most actors auditioning with me. Jeffery diagnoses the problem early and helps you grow and fix your problem. Since I have been with him I have booked numerous jobs and have had opportunities through him I never thought possible this early in my career.

--Kristoffer Kelly, ACW student

Working with Jeffery Brooks has made an invaluable impact on my career. His no nonsense approach to freeing an actor to his/her greatest level had not only made me a better actor, but also given me the confidence to nail the audition. In addition, I've learned a tremendous amount of information about "the business" side of the industry. So much that I now have a new manager and am on my way to an even greater future. And finally, Jeffery Brooks offers an immeasurable passion for actors and a sincere determination to see us get work.

--Norma Rubio, ACW alumna

JEFFERY BROOKS WANTS TO HELP YOU. You have someone on your side! In this town of empty promises, superficiality, and cutthroat competition, you now have an ally. With piercing blue eyes and a brand of down-home no-nonsense loving honesty that puts Dr. Phil to shame, Jeffery will compassionately change you into the type of actor and person you want to be. And if he is going to personally attack you, he will always warn you beforehand.

--Jennifer Marley, ACW alumna

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