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Business for sale in France (entertainment) (Paris)

Business for sale in France (entertainment)

We offer you a unique global business in entertainment, which also includes tourism and the corporate sphere, requires minimal investment in rental and staff. You get a universal model to work in different countries with the support and service, technology with a unique right to use in your city or country.

Attractions Cosmos from the company Avatarico. A successful business from 12,600 euros!

This is a team adventure game Space attraction. Players enter the small room of 15 squares, dressed head-mounted display and an hour immersed in another dimension. They see their own hands, see each other, can talk and communicate with gestures, touch objects, shoot the laser and fly in weightlessness, their task - to fulfill the mission and fly on a space ship.

The format of the game is similar to quests in an "out of the room." It also involved a team of Protected content , the game lasts 1 hour, fee is charged per session. No need for investment in the decoration and maintenance, sophisticated electronics, do not need a year or two to rebuild the entire roomto make a new story. Once you purchase equipment and expand the range of options for games. There are similarities with the computer club and 5D cinemas, despite the fact that in the world there are no analogues of this game.

We have extensive experience of creating quests in reality, where players need to get out of the room in real life. In St. Petersburg, we are 10 quests brand Lostroom. Furthermore, we have developed and implemented the software in one of the rooms as a head-mounted display element of the game and recoup the costs for 6 months. During the work we have improved the product and as a result created a working mechanisms to attract and retain customers. Now the room virtual reality work successfully in dozens of cities in Russia, Spain, Israel, USA.

We sell licenses for our products and giving an exclusive right to use our game in each city. One license - it is one installation and one player. The game has a version for 3, 4, 5 and 6 players.

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