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Coaching Support for Executives & Expats in Paris


Are you an English-speaking executive or professional working in Paris? Are you familiar with Executive Coaching or Life Coaching and how it could help you today?

Many successful people use coaching to help them develop themselves and enhance their business performance while meeting the demands of their day to day leadership role. As a successful leader, you would not be where you are if you weren't good at what you do. But it's not only about getting the job done. Sometimes there is more. As a leader, you are expected to be the expert in your domain. With the daily bombardment of issues and the developmental needs of your team and organization, you may ask yourself, "Where is the time and space for me?"

Coaching can offer you both the time and space to work on what's important to you, whether it's a new challenge, the desire to develop specific behaviors to accelerate growth, or to create a life with more balance and fulfillment. Coaching can also help you gain clarity on what they really want in your life, and how to start making decisions in better alignment with these values.

Some examples of how people use coaching:

* Supporting yourself in a new leadership challenge
* Developing specific behaviors to enhance your performance as a leader
* Understanding the behaviors that don't serve you and finding alternatives
* Conflict Management
* Presentation and Communication Skills
* Seeking clarity in what you want in your personal or professional life
* Help with making a tough decision or supporting you through a transition
* Making better decisions aligned to what you want (not what you "should" do)
* Managing Stress
* Taking control of your life
* Creating a life plan and steps to help you move forward
* Building up confidence to do something that feels right to you
* Career Coaching
* Entrepreneur, Starting up your own business

My name is Jean and I am frequently across France, Italy and Germany to meet with my clients. I also have clients that work with me exclusively through SKYPE video calls. Whichever way works for you, I would tailor a program to fit you.

Free Trial:
The best way to find out what coaching is all about and if coaching is right for you is to try it. Please contact me by visiting my website (use Contact Us) or drop me an email to request a free consultation or Coaching Session. We could have a quick phone call or have a SKYPE call to have a first chat to see if it is something that may work for you. There is no risk, it is completely confidential, and hopefully, the session my shed some light on some new choices that you have.

It's worth a try.

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