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Did anyone bring an own car to France permanently (Paris)

Hello to everyone!

I'm moving to France in Summer Protected content I'm trying to find answers to all the questions that come within the move. At the moment I'm trying to find out if there are others who have brought their own car to France from another country (I'm for example currently living in Finland). I've read that much, to know, that it is more common to sell own car in own country and buy a new one once in France but my situation is a little different and I'd need the car with me.

What comes with the fees, and the bureaucracy of France, there are at least three "directions", places, where you need to deliver papers, black on white, to get the car registered (again, but for another country), and each of them charge a fee of their own. I also heard the amount of the registration fee is depending on the car (the newer the car is the more the fee is).

So I'd love to know someone who has done this process to get their car legally to the traffic of France... :)

Also, what comes with the license, my Finnish driving license is valid & in time when it'll expire, I'll apply for a French one... maybe that time my knowledge of France & French is anyway better so I'll get through that somehow easier... ;-)

I'd be very happy for an answer and I wish to everyone a very beautiful season of Autumn!

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