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Email scams from Christine Volks / Hodgson (Paris)

Dear all,

In the last few days I have received various messages and invitations from a person/organisation using the name Christine Volks or Christine Hodgson. As Christine Hodgson is a person of high level at Cap Gemini in the UK, I thought accepting was alright.

Please be aware that this is fake and based on email scams. It can be compared with the historic Nigerian email Scams that were sent in the past.

In the meantime the person/organisation has taken its name of the internations list but I think it is good to know that this might happen to you as well. Off course I was not ignorant but I advice the members of Internations to be careful.

Here below the message you receive once you accept the invitation:

----------- Protected content

Dear Marcel

Thank you for the return email. I am happy reading a return message from a person with the last name of my late client. I know you may not know my late client in person, however I do not rule out the possibility of you having a distant relationship with my late client.

I have contacted you through email as there appear to be no formal choice left for me in reaching possible members of my late client's extended family. I have contacted you to solicit your partnership in facilitating the release of my late client’s estates and most especially his invested funds.

I am the legal representative to my late client who happens to bear same last name as yours. My late client passed in Indonesia Tsunami during a holiday trip with his immediate family in December Protected content . My late client was an international oil broker, with his business spanning across Europe and Asia. He died at 54 alongside his wife and only daughter.

My late client made an investment involving a sum of $15million U.S. dollars, initial deposit of funds set aside for his business, in an investment account with a commercial bank since Protected content . I was contacted by the bank after the death of my late client to locate members of his extended family who could be beneficiaries to his abandoned personal assets. More so, I have been notified in the past months on the bank’s proceedings to revert the investment balance to the Government, in pursuant of the existing laws. This is because it is assumed that no member of my late client’s extended family is alive.

After exhaustive search through the embassy and on professional consideration, I engaged a wide search to locate a credible person with this last name, so as to give us the stands to put-in an application for the release of these funds. I have contacted you on professional consideration as I know that you will be able to make this claim successfully and legitimately without any form of complications. I am here saying that the procedure to be adopted in pursuing this claim will be legitimate will not offend the law. All I ask is for you to go about this claim as I will advice.

I propose that 45% of the net sum will accrue to you at the conclusion of this deal, in so far as I do not incur further expenses. While 5% will be set aside for reimbursement of any expenses we may have incurred in the course of this transaction. While 50% will come to me.

I will appreciate verbal communication with you so we can discuss in details. Send your number and Advice on your schedule so I can call you


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