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Evening Qigong and martial arts in Palais Royale (Paris)

The Summer evenings are getting longer and it is time to make the most of them with Tuesday evening training sessions at Palais Royale.

Each Tuesday we will have two hours of training.

The first you will use qigong, and meditative circular movement.

In the second hour you will use these same circles in partner exercises to develop fighting skill.

You can attend either one, or both hours of each session.

This is for you if:

You enjoy exercise in fresh air
You like to be outside during the changing light of evening
You enjoy sophisticated exercise systems
You like playful partner exercises in a supervised, secure context
if you decide to take part you will

Each session will offer you these benefits:

Condition your legs, and core muscles
Develop you sense of vitality and 'Qi'
Improve your balance
Build a repertoire of practical defence techniques
Learn universal martial arts principles that you can apply to any situation
Develop whole body power
Re-align your body to work on aches and pains
Develop flexibility, range and fluidity of movement
Build your 'root' and stability

In case of rain there are sheltered areas where we can train and still enjoy the spectacle of the elements.

If you have any questions, or want to be sure that you can find us take my mobile number Protected content

rules and suggestions
Only RSVP if you plan to attend, (RSVP Through Protected content )
If you cannot make it change your RSVP, if you do not have time send me an SMS
The price for each hour is €10
There is a drinking fountain, but bring a bottle since it does not always work
This is public park, so if you change your clothes you will be visible to tourists, strollers, dogs, pigeons and sparrows. That does not usually stop us though ;-)

For those of you who are curious about the style of kungfu from which we will draw the techniques it is Gao branch of Baguazhang. visit Protected content to learn more

Personal training also available

Paris Forum