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First steps in expat life in Paris


Hi everyone,

I am writing a feature about first steps of expats in Paris. For anyone who would like to share their experience, below there are a few questions to answer. You can answer all of them, or just pick the one/ones you like. Please feel free to participate in this thread or to write me in a private message.

1. What made you decide to move to Paris?
2. Life can seem overwhelming after a move abroad, especially if one has to
work. What difficulties did you experience after the move to Paris (for
yourself or family)? What were the main challenges at work?
3. How difficult was it to adapt to communication in the office? How difficult it was to learn french language, and what was your strategy? Was there anything in particular that helped you?
4. How did you integrate with the new working environment? What extra effort
did you make?
5. In your opinion, what are the advantages/disadvantages of an expat life,
and what advice(s) would you give to those considering a job offer abroad?

And two additional questions:
1. What was the most funny or embarrassing thing, given the cultural difference, that happened to you when you moved to Paris?
2. What was the most amazing experience that happened to you during those days when you were still new here in the city of Paris?

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