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Frech journalist looking for an expat for a report (Paris)

Hi everyone !

My name is François-Xavier, I'm in my last year of journalism school and looking for an expat, living in Paris, who'd like to participate in a report I must do for next week.

The subject is really simple : I need to follow a native english speaker who has recently
arrived in Paris to show how he/she manages to meet new people, handle his/her new life in a new country with a different culture.
There would be 2 parts : one at the person's home and the other where this person usually meets other expats or shops (for example in a shop specialized in american/british/spanish products).

The report will not be broadcasted on any media whatsoever since it's a student project, in case you would be worried about this.

Thanks in advance for your answers and help and enjoy your life in Paris :)


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