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French Lawyer in Paris. Problem with apartment

Hi all,

I have a problem with the landlord and the agency of the apartment that i rented in Paris. I signed a contract for one year, I paid all the bills and all the monthly rent fees.

Unfortunately due to my job, I had to leave my apartment in Paris. I notified the owner and the agency by post mail (Certificate). I left the apartment on december 18th and we made the inventory and state of the apartment (état de lieu). Everything in the apartment was perfect, except that it was a litlle bit dirty (On the opinion of the agency) and a glass for a painting that it was broken. So the agency told me that she will discount it from the deposit

Nevertheless, More than two months after I left the apartment I have not received neitther the deposit nor any information. The deposit was two months of the rental fee, so it is a lot of money.

So I am wondering how I can proceed on this in order to recover my deposit. Does anyone know the best way to deal with this issue?? Does anyone know a good lawyer (and not too expensive one)?

Thanks a lot for your help


Nacho Valverde

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