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Imagine R Scolaire (Paris)

I have a question regarding the Metro in Paris. Does SNCF make Navigo Metro annual passes for little children? This is just to put it as straight forward as I possibly can....
We are in the process of applying for Navigo pass for our elder child -15y.o., but what about 8y.o? She goes to school here, not french though. Is there a separate form that one can fill in and send over to Imagine R agency?
What happened was: I took two forms for Imagine R Scolaire. One was filled out by our secondary school - no questions asked!. Another -for primary school- was refused by the school saying that SNCF doesn't make passes for little children (meaning primary, until they move to secondary!). So I went to the agency and tried to clear it with them, but speaking no was painful to explain what I wanted in the first place! Then they offered to open a regular pass (just like for me, the same price), when I asked for a reduced price , u know, like for a student, they gave me the same form (like for secondary) and told me to have stamped by the school and were very surprised that the school told me those things in the first place......So I sent the form back to school, they stamped it....screeching their teeth (I am sure! and maybe even saying what an idiot I was!), but commented that this form was for secondary school students only....
So here I am all confused! Going back to the agency will be painful again cause of communication issue......Husband is not very cooperative cause he is he doesn't speak french either.....I know that you can buy regular metro tickets at a reduced rate for children, but here is the thing....sometimes they don't work, and we end up spending more tickets on one entry than we are supposed to! We don't travel with the little one by metro a lot, but still....
Did anyone come across such a situation?
Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

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