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In Paris for a Week (June 26 - July 2)

Hi, I'm from LA but based in London. Will be in Paris for one week to meet with production partners for a French/UK film... I will be staying in the Montmartre area...

As I don't speak any French, would love to meet in the evenings with locals who can show me areas of the city most people don't know about as tourists... The charming and not so charming. Events, special buildings, and unique views, are also welcome. I'm your sponge! I'll be back next year to film but would like to know Paris as Parisians do while on this trip.

I shall know more French by next summer :) But for now, I must rely on those who live there...Please get in touch if you're free any of those evenings or days? Coffee or drinks, my treat!

Many thanks, Merci
Anna xx

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