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It's about TIME (Paris)


I'm organising a meeting on 19H15, Monday May 5th for anyone who is in town and interested in cross cultural communication.

It will be at near Nation - send me a message and I'll pass on the full address/code etc. It is in a private home, so the atmosphere is inviting and the places are limited. We can fit about 15 people comfortably.

Topic below - and consider this an invitation to discuss the topic on the global communicators group. Protected content

It's about TIME!

Did you know TIME has a STRUCTURE? That you can bend, shape and use time for your purposes?

We’ve all heard about cultural contrasts around “time” Protected content as how being "on time" in Mexico or Japan – differs from “on time” in Paris. But the STRUCTURE of time varies not only by culture, but by person!

By “structure” we mean a lot more than the numbers in a circle on your clock, or the alarm on your digital! As communications pros, we’d like to share this with you.

Leading edge research shows brains generate different images for time for different people -- and knowing what they are can give you more room to do the things you want. These structures are invisible in normal conversation, and we will show you how to make them VISIBLE and useful!

We will demonstrate two people's CONTRASTING STRUCTURE of time, and show you how to collapse, extend, and shape your experience of time. You'll get to try out finding your own time "frames" and learn how to adjust them.

Time is precious: you can be more flexible about understanding TIME and get more results from the time you have! Join us and see how!

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