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Jantanah Afrikana this Saturday 25th May in Paris.

This event is organized by a friend of mine (Randy Alam-Sogan and I am glad to share the invitation with all of you:

Book your ticket now: here is the link: Protected content

Address will be sent to confirmed attendees. This is an exclusive apartment in the Heart of Paris.

25TH MAY Protected content African Party part-2 (Spring Edition)

///...According to ancient African Mystery Systems, the World of Waters was created by a Queen Deity called Lissa Jantanah, she was worshiped by the ancient Egyptians as Isis, by the Babylonian and Mesopotamians as Ishtar...

Lissa Jantanah came to Earth as a Queen Goddess and materialized the Oceans, Rivers, Deltas, Lakes through powerful magic and created legions of Sirenes (Mermaids) that most of the Women of today descend from.

In this New Era, in this New Century, we celebrate the Rise of the Female Consciousness, we celebrate the Essence and Power of all Women in the World. Woman is the foundation of Life, the Bringer, the Creator and the Nurturer. All levels of society are supported by Women as the Divine Pillars from which the World continues to exist.


///The first phase of this epic event, Black Lion Rising networking partner, LINKYA Network is planning a Business Cocktail especially for the Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Career Seekers, who want to exchange high level business opportunities or strengthen and expand their network.

////In accordance with the general JANTANAH theme, this event will promote and enhance Women Entrepreneurs and Professionals in all fields of Work or Philanthropy.

///Delicious African Food Cocktail + Open Bar Champagne

Dress code: Smart Casual, Trendy, Fashionable, African Style, Sophisticated.

- Have fun, - Celebrate Women - Celebrate Africa, - Meet new people and network.

Cost: Cover charge/ 30 EUROS - strict selection.


Photos of Previous events:
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Address will be sent to confirmed Protected content for more information.

Paris Forum