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just moved here, and I have a nitch question :) (Paris)

Hi all! My husband and I just moved here a month ago with our teenager and our dog. You guys were immensely helpful with my questions before we moved here, but now I have one that I didn't even consider. Don't make fun of me -but I feed my dog raw meat. It was easy and cheap to do in the US, but meat here -at monoprix anyways, is way more expensive than we thought it would be. I'd love to keep feeding him raw since his health has been tremendous on this diet, but it doesn't look like it's going to be very affordable. Do you guys know of a Paris Co-op style thing, or maybe is it ok to see if a boucherie would sell us meat on the Or is there a shop or something that just sells meat for cheaper than monoprix? Since I'm so very new here, I don't want to offend le boucher by asking him for meat for my dog, since I can't tell if that even a thing anybody does here. I'd be super greatful for any info or ideas you guys can offer!

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