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La baule, Nantes, a good choice to live? (Paris)

HI everyone,

I will be moving soon to Nantes area, but not sure where yet.
I speak fluent French, and will need to drive in West France a lot for my job and also a lot around Nantes.
Please give me your suggestions, keeping in mind these:
- I LOVE the coast, the beach (to calm me down on days that I"m home, as I"ll travel a lot).
- I need good highway access, so after lots of searches, I thought of La Baule
-Is it nice all year long, lots of locals ,but not ''dead boring in winter.?
- are there gyms and supermarkets and shops?

But where in La Baule would you recommend me?
I"m 38 and still single,and I am very social, but not a party type and I really don't like city centres.

Oh, and a last question:
Is it true that I wont find a furnished appartment? It seems not common in France, but I would prefer this though.

Thank you for suggestions and comments

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