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Leader=male: are you biased? (Paris)

Dear all,

Do you think that men are naturally better at leadership than women?
how about unconsciously?
try and test yourself!

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For the Women’s Forum, we are performing a global study that allows
you to measure your implicit associations between gender and leadership.
In other words, it answers the question: “Do I tend to unconsciously perceive men
more as leaders than women, outside of my own awareness?”

This powerful, quick and anonymous study is a contribution to the Women’s Forum Protected content . It also allows you to find out about your own unconscious perceptions of gender and leadership.

Your participation is:
• Simple: To participate, simply click on the link below and follow the instructions.
• Quick: It takes about 7 minutes and your results appear immediately after
completing the test.
• Anonymous: No personal information will be collected.

Why participate?
• Contribute to the Women’s Forum and research on gender and
leadership: This anonymous global study is compiled to bring a contribution to
the Women’s Forum Protected content deepen our knowledge of gender and leadership.
• Personal development: Research has shown that becoming aware of one’s
associations - as with this study – can effectively instigate behavioral change.

To take the test, simply click on the following link and follow the instructions.

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Enjoy this experience and do not hesitate to forward this link around you to your male and female friends, colleagues and relatives!

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