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Living in Fontainebleau area? (Paris)


I'm relocating to Paris this year with my family, and doing some home work before our relocation.

When I was checking which area of Paris would be suitable for a family with a small one, I found a website that says Fontainebleau area is popular for expats family because of an international school and a business school located there.

I checked that area on Google map and also the rental properties in that area.
Then, I realized that the area is quite big while it is occupied by the big forest (I'm happy with living close to the nature, itself) and the palace while the residence area looks actually small.

I'm now seeking some advice if Fontainebleau is the actual area many expats are living or the soundings, such as Melun and Le Mee, are the ones popular to expats.

Any feedback is much appreciated.

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